The protein shake machines have been very successful in our country and one proof of that is that Artidis, which bet high for this business designing three models by the end of 2013, has improved its machines.

The industrial company starts the year with the launch of two new models, for selling protein supplements.

“In view of the success reached with the first models, we wanted to go further and modernize our machines, equipping them with a touch selection and a renewed image”, emphasized the manager Daniel Navarro.

More pleasing and attractive for potential consumers. This is the way the new two machines have been designed for the correct elaboration of protein shakes in a quick and comfortable way.

The Master-Z model continues to be the choice to large centers because they need more capacity and autonomy. It allows the programming of 20 selections with six different products. The cups are placed automatically. These cups can have a big capacity, up to 35 cl., feature shared with its predecessor. The only difference between Master-Z and its predecessor is the touch selection, more modern and efficient.

The Smart-Z model shares image and Touch function with Smart-Z but it responds to lower requirements. It also has a lower size although its performance continues to be high allowing up to twelve selections with 5 different products. It has a 3 liter tank and accepts high capacity cups, being manually placing.

Artidis provides a last choice which makes a difference with the predecessors, its esthetic and, of course, its capacity. This is the LC model. LC model is only a little smaller than Smart, it allows up to six selections combining up to four different products.

Navarro predicted an untapped market in an interview he gave us one year and a half and with this update of the offer, Artidis is defending this position, making it clear that the gyms have a very good health nowadays.

Operators, product manufacturers and gyms are the potential customers of these machines equipped with coin validator but also they can be equipped with note readers and cashless system.