Artidis has replaced coffee, tea and chocolate for proteins in order to design a range of machines designed for sportsmen. The range includes three models to satisfy the different demands into the gym.

After getting into the Minivending with a perfume machine, Artidis starts up with top Vending trying to develop an idea which has not been fully concluded yet.

The machines are capable of preparing any kind of supplements with just a few adjustments.

The Master model has a big capacity and autonomy. Based on a Azkoyen model, it allows up to 18 selection programming including 6 different products. The cup is placed automatically. These cups could have a big capacity, up to 35 cl. It is suitable for large sport centers .

The Smart and Eco model are suitable for smaller facilities. The first one is a medium autonomy which allows 12 selections and up to 5 different products. It has a 3 liter tank and it also accepts big capacity cups. Moreover, Eco model has a familiar style, suitable for small gyms and personal training centers. All drinks are served cold.

The machines are equipped with a coin validator, and a note reader and a cashless system can be sold as accessories. A water filter can be sold as a accessory too.

Operators, product manufacturers and the gyms are potential customers of these machines. “We think this is a market to be exploited and it can allow us a long path”, said Navarro.

Not for nothing, there are more than 4000 gyms which have been visited by thousands of people a year, many of these people drink this kind of supplements which can be bought in the centers, in specialized companies and even in the Internet.

This is a new way to access to the protein shakes, easier and more comfortable for the customers. It can also be profitable because according to estimates given by the company, the profit margin can reach an Euro each shake.

At present, the proposal given by Artidis -which is not the only one in the market- can be seen in Madrid gyms, Canary Islands and Cádiz.